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Melbourne CLOUDS Lab’s 2020 Annual Report March 31, 2021

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Dear All:

On behalf of Melbourne CLOUDS Lab, I am pleased to share 2020 Annual Report detailing its R&D activities, outcomes, and community services. For full report, please visit:

The highlights of our research activities and outcomes in 2020 are:

* The Lab successfully hosted ARC research projects (Discovery and Linkage Infrastructure Projects) along with hosting two new research projects.
* Members of the CLOUDS Lab have authored 58 publications, which include 36 journal papers and 12 conference papers.
* Three of our papers received “Best Paper Awards” from IEEE/ACM and Elsevier.
* The Lab’s flagship Cloudbus Project has released various new modules for Aneka, CloudSim, iFogSim, and Fogbus. iFogSim, building on CloudSim, has emerged as a de-facto toolkit for modelling and simulation of Fog and Edge computing environments. It has been used by several researchers in academia and industries around the world.
* Members have presented over 26 invited talks that include 19 keynotes delivered at international conferences/seminars held in Australia, India, Singapore, and China.
* The Lab successfully hosted research activities of over 25 scholars, which include 16 PhD students and 3 Research Fellows.
* In 2020 alone, our papers have attracted over 10700 citations (ref: Google Scholar) and we hope this trend will continue!
* The Lab housed several (short and long term) international visitors (academics and PhD students) from China, India, and Norway,

I wish you all a peaceful, healthy and safe rest of the year 2021.

Take care.

Best regards


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