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Recent R&D Updates from CLOUDS Lab – Next-Gen Clouds, Fogs, Systems September 16, 2017

Posted by Rajkumar Buyya in Cloud Computing, CLOUDS Lab News, Manjrasoft News, Uncategorized.

It has been quite sometime we communicated. Let me share our recent R&D efforts in CLOUDS Lab, which of course reflect trends and new research directions our community is taking:
1. Fog/Edge Computing paradigm is getting popular to meet requirements of emerging applications of IoT (Internet of Things). Of course, it complements Cloud computing by bringing a notion of Clouds to edge to support latency-sensitive applications. CLOUDS Lab at Melbourne is actively working on developing tools and technologies for Fog Computing. They include a Simulator (iFogSim), applications combining IoT, mobile, and clouds in areas such as healthcare, creating Fog environment using IoT devices, Fog devices (Raspberry pi) and enterprise/public clouds.

For details, please check out “Fog Computing Initiative” website:

This month our paper on a simulator for Fog Computing (iFogSim) is published. You can browse it from:

2. I am involving in editing a book on:
Fog and Edge Computing: Principles and Paradigms
We love to receive a chapter contribution proposal from you. Please check a call for chapters for details: http://www.cloudbus.org/fog/book/

3. We have been exploring issues involved in enhancing Reliability and QoS Services in Systems supporting Stream and BigData applications. Outcomes of these efforts are reported in our recent papers:

4. Earlier, I shared about our efforts in putting together an article focusing on “Next Generation Cloud Computing: New Trends and Research Directions”. This work has been revised a lot to capture some of the recent trends and al,so address comments of external experts. The latest version has been accepted for publication in Journal – Future Generation Computer Systems. You can browse it from:

Happy reading and have a nice weekend:-)



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