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Recent R&D Updates from CLOUDS Lab – Next-Gen Clouds, Fogs, Systems September 16, 2017

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It has been quite sometime we communicated. Let me share our recent R&D efforts in CLOUDS Lab, which of course reflect trends and new research directions our community is taking:
1. Fog/Edge Computing paradigm is getting popular to meet requirements of emerging applications of IoT (Internet of Things). Of course, it complements Cloud computing by bringing a notion of Clouds to edge to support latency-sensitive applications. CLOUDS Lab at Melbourne is actively working on developing tools and technologies for Fog Computing. They include a Simulator (iFogSim), applications combining IoT, mobile, and clouds in areas such as healthcare, creating Fog environment using IoT devices, Fog devices (Raspberry pi) and enterprise/public clouds.

For details, please check out “Fog Computing Initiative” website:

This month our paper on a simulator for Fog Computing (iFogSim) is published. You can browse it from:

2. I am involving in editing a book on:
Fog and Edge Computing: Principles and Paradigms
We love to receive a chapter contribution proposal from you. Please check a call for chapters for details: http://www.cloudbus.org/fog/book/

3. We have been exploring issues involved in enhancing Reliability and QoS Services in Systems supporting Stream and BigData applications. Outcomes of these efforts are reported in our recent papers:

4. Earlier, I shared about our efforts in putting together an article focusing on “Next Generation Cloud Computing: New Trends and Research Directions”. This work has been revised a lot to capture some of the recent trends and al,so address comments of external experts. The latest version has been accepted for publication in Journal – Future Generation Computer Systems. You can browse it from:

Happy reading and have a nice weekend:-)