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New Updates and Hot Topics for 2016 January 15, 2016

Posted by Rajkumar Buyya in Cloud Computing, CLOUDS Lab News, Grid Computing, Uncategorized.

Dear Friends.

Let me first, wish you and your family members a happy, peaceful, and spiritually progressive new year 2016.

Let me briefly share new updates from our side especially those happened in Dec. month:

1. In Dec. month, I visited Cyprus and presented a seminar
“New Innovations in Cloud Computing for Big Data Applications”
in University of Cyprus. You can access a video of talk:

2. In Dec.,  I also visited Iran and presented a keynote for “National Conference on Strategies for Development of Content Distribution Networks”. If you like to browse slides, please download:

3. “A blueprint for greener cloud computing” written by Kristen Michelle Goodgam (a Journalist and colleague in Melbourne University) after interviewing me. It aims at broader audience. So, I am expecting everyone to understand it easily. Give it a try:

4. I recently mange to compile all our publications for 2015. You can
access them from: http://cloudbus.org/publications-years.html

5. The topics that continue to be popular in 2016 are:

– Internet of Things
– Big Data
– Cloud Computing
(as many innovative applications are delivered through Clouds)
– Now “Fog Computing” is slowly getting popular. We recently wrote a
book chapter on it (to be published in “Internet of Things: Principles
and Paradigm” book by Elsevier/MKP. You can access early version from:

Click to access FogComputing2016.pdf

The IEEE Computer Society has unveiled its Top 9 Technology Trends for
2016. You can access them from:


Good news is that many them have commonality with ones I noted above and
also some of them are topic of CLOUDS Lab 2015 publications.

Happy reading!



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