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The Cloudbus Project to Release CloudSim Toolkit 2.0 May 27, 2010

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The Cloudbus Project to Release CloudSim Toolkit 2.0

The CLOUDS Lab and its flagship Cloudbus Project at The University of
Melbourne, Australia along with collaborators from Pontifical Catholic
University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil is pleased to announce
the release of the new version of its Cloud simulation software, the

One year has passed since CloudSim 1.0 was released. Since then, Cloud
computing has gained more visibility, and a plenty of new projects, both
in academia and in the industry, emerged. To help developers of such
projects to evaluate new strategies and ideas before actual development,
CloudSim 2.0 offers support for model and simulation of hot topics in
Cloud Computing, including green/power-aware Cloud Computing and
federated Cloud Computing.

At the same time new features were added, major improvements in
simulation core allowed enhanced scalability and performance of
simulations and insertion and removal of simulation entities
during simulation execution. It increases considerably scenarios that
may be addressed in simulations, what we hope will contribute to a wider
adoption of the tool by the research ommunity.

These improvements were possible due to extensive support from the Cloud
Computing research community around the world, which used CloudSim,
appointed bugs, and provided us feedback on new features they would like
to have in future versions the toolkit. Community is invited to
keep contribution to CloudSim.

As in its previous version, all components developed as part of the
CloudSim Toolkit are released as “open source” under the GPL license to
encourage innovation and pass full freedom to our users.

To download the CloudSim software, please visit the Cloudbus Project web
site at:

The CloudSim Team
Melbourne, May 2010