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Scopus Young Researcher of the Year 2010 Award: Finalist March 28, 2010

Posted by Rajkumar Buyya in Cloud Computing, CLOUDS Lab News.

# Congratulations to Prof Raj Buyya
(Source: Staff e-bulletin, Melbourne School of Engineering, March 26, 2010)

Prof Raj Buyya has received a finalist award in the “Scopus Young Researcher of the Year 2010” awards in the category of Engineering and Technology. The award was presented by Elsevier Science and Universities Australia.

This award recognises Raj’s high quality and high impact research contributions including; research impact as evidenced by high citations; research output as evidence by co-authoring over 300 publications, which include 4 textbooks utilised by several universities world-wide; and external impacts such as leadership in the development of software technologies that are used by several academic institutions and commercial enterprises in 40 countries around the world.

Raj and his team’s innovative research has had significant influence on Cloud computing products developed by companies such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Sun, and Manjrasoft.

The School would like to congratulate Raj on his achievement.



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