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Cloud Simulation (CloudSim 1.0) Software Release April 7, 2009

Posted by Rajkumar Buyya in Cloud Computing, CLOUDS Lab News.

Dear All:

Our GRIDS Lab has just released a Cloud Simulation software, called
CloudSim. For details, pleased see attached release notes below. The
software can be downloaded from:
Please share this message with colleagues who may be interested in this software.

We welcome comments on improving the software. Of course, will be happy to receive info on how you are making use of CloudSim in your work!

Best regards

Melbourne GRIDS Lab to Release CloudSim Toolkit 1.0 Beta

GRIDS Lab and the Gridbus Project at The University of Melbourne,
Australia is please to announce the release of the new Cloud simulation software, called CloudSim.

CloudSim supports research and development in the emerging field of
Cloud Computing, and offers the following novel features: (i) support
for modeling and simulation of large scale Cloud computing
infrastructure, including data centers on a single physical computing
node; and (ii) a self-contained platform for modeling data
centers, service brokers, scheduling, and allocations policies. Among
the unique features of CloudSim, there are: (i) availability of
virtualization engine, which aids in creation and management of
multiple, independent, and co-hosted virtualized services
on a data center node; and (ii) flexibility to switch between
space-shared and time-shared allocation of processing cores to
virtualized services. These compelling features of CloudSim would speed up the development of new algorithms, methods, and protocols in Cloud computing, hence contributing towards quicker evolution of the paradigm.

All components developed as part of the CloudSim Toolkit are released as “open source” under the GPL license to encourage innovation and pass full freedom to our users.

As a simulation tool for an emerging technology, there are several
issues related to Cloud Computing that still in development. We have
done our best to address as many issues as possible, considering not
only research developed in the GRIDS Lab but also recent cloud-related research that has been published in academic journals and conferences.

Nevertheless, there may be features that is required by cloud
researches and that are not present in this version of CloudSim. In the
other hand, there may have features that are not required by cloud
researchers. Hence, the CloudSim team will be happy to receive feedback on usefulness of the current features,and also to receive suggestions on which features should be present in the final version of the tool. Also, any feedback will be welcomed. Please, feel free to send e-mails to the CloudSim developers. The addresses can be found in the CloudSim homepage at http://www.gridbus.org/cloudsim/

To download the CloudSim software, please visit the Gridbus Project web site at: http://www.gridbus.org/cloudsim/

The CloudSim Team
Melbourne, Australia, April 2009



1. Daniel He - May 18, 2009

Interesting work. just download and try to compile the source code in ubuntu 8.10 failed. 100 errors in java that I used Sun java JDK-1.6.0. I will investigate it details in classpath setting.

2. s.antony - October 15, 2009

is it possible to simualte dynamic fault tolerant mechanism

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