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Aneka Use Case in 3D Rendering: A GoFront, China Customer Use Case April 6, 2009

Posted by Rajkumar Buyya in Cloud Computing, Manjrasoft News.

The IT department of the GoFront group is responsible for providing the design and prototypes of the products including the high speed electric locomotive, metro car, urban transportation vehicle, motor train. The raw design of the prototypes are required to be rendered to high quality 3D images using Autodesk rendering software called – Maya. By examining the 3D images, engineers are able to identify any potential problems from the original design and make the appropriate design improvements.

This process can take many months or even years until the design models are suitable for mass production. The 3D rendering application provided by Maya is compute intensive and very time consuming process. The design modeling process investigate more than 2000 frames which are applied with more than 5 different camera angles to create the 3D rendered image. A single frame with one camera angle defined can take up to 2 minutes to render the image. To render one complete set of images from one design takes over 3 days.

So, if the rendering time could be shortened, the productivity of the whole process will be dramatically increased. This is achieved using Manjrasoft’s Aneka Software.

For details, please check out a Customer Case Study available from Manjrasoft website.



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