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Manjrasoft to Release Aneka 1.0 Software for .NET-based Enterprise Clouds/Grids April 5, 2009

Posted by Rajkumar Buyya in Cloud Computing, Manjrasoft News.


Dear All:

On behalf of Manjrasoft, I am pleased to share details on the release
its product:
Aneka: A Software Technology to Simplify .NET-based Enterprise Clouds

This can be used for (1) building enterprise Clouds/Grids in
Windows/.NET environments, (2) constructing applications using one of
the supported  programming models – Threads, Tasks, or MapReduce – run
them, and (3) speed up execution of applications in Windows/.NET Clouds.

You can either use “dedicated” network of computers or harness exiting
network of desktop computers to build enterprise Clouds. In addition to
SDK for building application, we also provide GUI-based Design explorer
for creating parameter sweep application rapidly for execution on
enterprise Clouds. More details can be found in release notes enclosed

A trial version of Aneka software and documents can be downloaded from:

Best regards

Aneka: A Software Technology to Simplify .NET-based Enterprise Clouds
Aneka 1.0 – Release Notes – March 27, 2009.
Manjrasoft Pty Ltd, Australia

What’s in Aneka 1.0

The Aneka 1.0 distribution comes with the following features:

The basic infrastructure of the system comprising client and server
components for setting up an Enterprise Cloud/Grid system with
scheduling and execution nodes.

– A configurable container hosting the core of Aneka that can be started
as Window Service or as a console application.

– A set of ready to use programming models for developing Enterprise
Cloud/Grid applications with Aneka:

[1] Thread Programming Model: this model is the best solution to adopt
for leveraging the computation of a multi-threaded application on a
distributed system.

[2] Task Programming Model: this model allows quickly prototyping and
implementing independent bag of tasks applications.

[3] MapReduce Programming Model: this model is an implementation of the
popular MapReduce programming model proposed by Google for Aneka systems.

– A collection of sample applications that give the feeling of what can
be done by using the supported programming models.

– A software development kit containing step by step guides for
developing applications with the Thread, Task, and MapReduce Programming

– A Design Explorer allowing user to quickly prototype Parameter
Sweeping application for Aneka.

– A comprehensive API documentation covering the supported programming
models and the Aneka client APIs.

– A Windows integrated security mechanism to authenticate and authorise
user’s access to Aneka

– A RDBMS persistence supports both SQL Server Express 2005 version 9
and MySQL 5.1.30.

Additional and updated content concerning samples and documentation can
be downloaded from the Manjrasoft Website:

System Requirements

The basic system requirement for installing Aneka service is listed below:

Hardware Requirements:

– 1G RAM, 40 MB disk space

Software Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows Operating System (including Windows 2000, XP, NT, Vista)

– Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or higher

– Microsoft SOL Server/SQL Server Express 2005 version 9 or higher/
MySQL 5.1.30 or higher (optional, if database support is required)


Aneka v 1.0 evaluation version can be downloaded from the Manjrasoft
Website. In order to download the sotfware the user is required to
provide the contact name and email. Tutorials and documentation are
freely available for download without any registration. This evaluation
version is valid until June 30, 2009. Those interested in perpetual
license with support, please contact Manjrasoft for pricing details.



1. ShivBuyya - April 22, 2009

I need Aneka.

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